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Mettle Iphone 4 Cast Brass Cover Case

$99.00 AUD

Brand Mettle

This stunning iphone 5 cast brass cover case fits your life companion for protection and serious bling. Hand crafted from recycled Bomshell Brass and so unique you'll have everyone's eye on your iphone with this piece. Pair this with the Mettle Ipad Eco leather and brass detail clutch case for true Fair Trade tech chic.

  • Solid Cast Brass Cover Case for iphone 5.

  • Protects your iphone for everyday use.
  • Recycled Bombshell Brass from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
  • Fair trade.
  • Made in Indonesia.
  • Size: Fits iphone 4 only.
  • Care: Colour will deepen, wipe over with "Brasso" when required.
  • Ethically Produced/ Sustainable/ Fair Trade/ Recycled.