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Deckle & Hide Scent 1 Organic Candle

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Unlike most scented candles available today, D&H candles are organic and do not contain  chemical scents. Each candle is scented with 100% essential oils,  sourced from around the world. So you can have these babies burning all night long naturally!

Scent #1 Contains Cedarwood oil from the Himalayas, Bergamot oil from Italy, Nutmeg oil from Indonesia and Vanilla oil from Madagascar.


All Deckle and Hide candles are:

  • made from ethically grown soy beans
  • free of toxic materials
  • free of pesticides and herbicides
  • free of genetically modified material
  • not tested on animals
  • hand poured and purposefully strong so each candle scents an entire room
Burn time: (Approximately 45hrs)